About Us

The word “boutique” gets thrown around enough that it starts to lose its meaning. But for us, it’s more than a buzzword. We believe in providing the attentive service that only a small-scale, truly boutique firm can offer. At iZale, relationships come first. Our core philosophy is getting to know you and exactly what your needs are, then building on that familiarity and partnership to provide effective guidance and optimal results.

At a larger firm, once you’re a client, your account might get passed along to the next available manager, who already has quotas to meet and is beholden to the demands of other entities. At iZale, we don’t walk away once you’re in the door. Our combined experience spans 50 years, and accounts for more than $200 million in BOLI placements. That level of expertise, applied in a customized way that meets your unique demands, is what we deliver to our clients.

As an independent firm, we’re driven by close client relationships. For you, that means that our technical expertise is yours to rely on. Together, we’ll work toward the goals you want to achieve, whether it’s managing balance sheet liabilities, establishing executive and director benefits, or protecting the assets you’ve worked hard to create.